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Designer, teacher, musician, and guitar builder, Brian Furr, decided to start "My Furrs Guitar" after building a Guitar with his daughter., and seeing how easy it was for her to play. Meeting her developmentally by scaling down the instrument, and associating the 7 notes in the major scale to shape and color, made him believe that this system could benefit many students. It is now Brian Furr's Mission to bring his Paint Build Play model to schools across the united states, educating, and stimulating children's creativity and passion for music arts.

Impact Model: 

As of 2020 the Paint Build Play Academy's S.T.E.A.M. education model has impacted over 50 students, between 4 programs and 8 individual variations of the paint Build play workshop. If we sell 1200 units annually by 2023 we can potentially impact 4550 students and families with our business model around key impact areas. S.T.E.A.M. Education cultivates creativity, encourages collaborative learning, challenges users to the problem to solve, and Instills confidence. research shows one out of five college students in S.t.e.m. believe that early STEAM  in grades k-12 prepared them extremely well for relevant college coursework. so lets Paint build and Play using S.t.e.a.m. education to prepare future generations for an emerging world!

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