Company: Mindful Designs Baltimore, “My Furr’s Guitars”


Business Summary: Mindful Designs Baltimore aids early childhood development by teaching kids STEAM and Music education through a simple color-coded system embedded in a custom-built electric guitar. 


Vision:  Our objective is to help youth strengthen their confidence by empowering them to master new music skills, socio-emotional skills, and S.T.E.A.M. skills. Create online programs around the guitars and introduce our product to secondary schools, primary schools, and youth enrichment programs.


Paint Build Play Program Online Outline


This one day online part workshop allows kids to, In the Paint Build Play Pilot Program Students will:


  • Paint: Participants will engage in self-expression utilizing their creativity, strategic color themes, and paint.


  • Build: Upon receiving participants’ program deposits, My Furr’s Guitars mails pre-made instrument parts to participants' homes. When class starts, students use these parts to begin building their guitars together with step-by-step assistance from the instructor. 


  • Play: Our online play model is based on the color-coded system designed by My Furrs Guitars By associating colors to notes the students gain an easy understanding of allows students to play simple songs within the major scale. Instructional videos will be available for download after class for ongoing practice.  


Our Product approaches guitar instruction like recorders to approach learning woodwind instruments. Its low cost, easy to learn, and the skills gained are introductory but transferable.

Materials: The guitars created for this workshop were made from recycled construction pine. Trying to keep a low environmental footprint is important to us and using recycled materials is one way that we do this.                                     

  • The kits include a 3d printed bridge

  • 2x guitar nuts 

  • Guitar body 

  • Guitar neck 

  • 2 guitar strings 

  • 1x Tuner

  • Paint kit ( with paintbrushes)

  •  Bluetooth speaker 

  • Aux Cord 

  • Pick up Pre-wired 

  • 8 wood screws 

Students will need their screwdriver, glue, and paint (optional).


Additional Resources

  • We will be using Google classrooms provided by the program or  BCPS network.

  • We will use Miro, a whiteboard collaborative learning tool, or the comparable Google classroom alternative.We will need access to the Internet and computers the are capable to assist in learning. If students may be having issues, it needs to be addressed and reported immediately because online learning will be essential for their education this fall semester.

  • Rrice: $3,000 

  • Includes 

  • Paint Build Play curriculum has a minimum order of 10 guitar kits

  • Kit invoice is separate from instruction if the contract is instated.

  • 30 days necessary for order fulfillment

  • and includes a caricilum or option for instruction   

  • No Refunds on down payment of $800 for materials

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